About Us

The desire to learn, to know and to experience new and different things is our fuel. We like the challenges, discover solutions and solve problems. Innovation is our middle name.

This is doctus… a family, a group of people restless, intelligent, innovative and full of talent, ready to give the best and much more in each project we do.


We have a team of creatives and developers able to speak your language.


We carry out what we have agreed with our clients and always offer added value in our projects.


We offer the best quality within the best times possible and constant support from our team

What we are

We are a company that designs and develops software, tailored to the requirements of our customers, complying with all quality standards to provide them with the best positioning in the web search engines, in order to support them in the fulfillment of their systematization strategies of processes and competitiveness, using the most qualified tools, with an excellent team of collaborators who work with responsibility and professionalism.

How far do we want to go?

We want to be known as leaders in digital strategies, positioned there by australian licensed online casinos our creative solutions and custom software, always taking our clients towards new markets.

Team Doctus

Team Doctus


We make it happen

Address: Calle 14 # 52A - 123 Medellin
Phone: +574 448 2027
Email : info@doctus.com.co