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About us
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LIVELY! Lucky for us we are always lively.

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The eagerness to learn, know, and experiment new and different things is our fuel. We like challenges, finding out solutions, solving problems... Innovation is our middle name. We are a group of bookworms... better yet, 2.0 bookworms, as our world revolves around the web and everything going on in it.

We look for, search, and seek the best for our clients in books, blogs, code lines, and design software. Of course, without forgetting the innovative strategies and the ideas that gladly surprise the people that knows our work.

What we are...

We are a company that designs and develops software, focused on the specifications of our clients’ requests, and complying with all the quality standards in order to provide the best search engine positioning. Our goal is to support our clients in the achievement of their systematization strategies for processes and competitiveness, by means of the top-qualified tools and an excellent team of collaborators that work with a great sense of responsibility and professionalism.

How far do we want to go?

We want to be widely known in Medellín as one of the top companies in the creation and execution of the best digital strategies. We want to stand out for our creative and customized-software solutions, promoting the competitiveness of our clients towards new markets.

This is Doctus... a family, a group of lively, smart, and innovative people, talented to the bone and willing to give our best and much more in every project we carry out.